Ramon Losa

Born in the Spanish town of Albacete (1959) Ramón started his career studying Fine Arts but had to leave it half way through due to his mental illness.

He has exhibited his work in Madrid at the Doble Espacio and Estampas galleries, and in 2004 he took part in the collective show “Art termite against white elephant. Current behaviors in drawing” organized by the Foundación ICO, where he exhibited his work next to artists like Louise Bourgeois, Carles Congost or Luis Gordillo.

His drawings always include texts that reinforce the meaning of the composition, like in his representation of hell or the drawings of the man who does not feel like a man, the sick person who does not feel sick, the artist who does not feel like an artist.

The quality of his drawings is exceptional, ranging from a work full of details to a man without a face in which it is barely possible to distinguish an eye. In the era of the new technologies, only a few artists dare to use this unspectacular technique.


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