Jorge A. Hernandez Cadi "El Buzo"

The practice of Jorge Alberto Hernández Cadi of scavenging in the garbage has resulted in him being popularly known as "the diver".

He utilizes recycled materials such as brass and wood boxes on whose exterior and interior sides he adds black and white photographs. To do this he trims and draws with a blue pen content of a sexual and diabolical nature.

Endearing scenes become grotesque images in which the portrayed – even children – lose their faces or are characterised with devilish traits like long ears, horns or claws. Far from dealing with themes like the loss of identity, or extinctions, the faces ripped out of these characters appear in macabre ways on other parts of the composition.

They also form part of his usual iconography, the explicit representation of male and female sexual attributes. The final touch is added to all this with the production of some absolutely irreverent images.

Hernandez Cadi is a native of Havana; he has had a diagnosis of schizophrenia for more than two decades. Years ago he tried to kill himself, and since then has practiced meditative gymnastics and martial arts (Karate, Judo, Wing Tsun). He works with collage, drawings and clay.


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