naemi is dedicated to discovering, studying, promoting, exhibiting, and preserving the art of those struggling with mental illness throughout the world.
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The “art of the mentally ill” as defined for the purposes of naemi, refers to the art produced by individuals, usually self-taught and without any formal artistic training, whose work arises from an intense, innate personal vision. Through public exhibitions naemi seeks to educate the public about this art and to aid in overcoming and dispelling any negative bias associated with the circumstances of its production and to affirm the positive power and importance of the creativity of individuals experiencing mental illnesses.
Established in 1988 in Miami, Florida, naemi usa has founded naemi españa in Spain. Every year, our Annual Art Exhibition in Miami receives around 900 entries from all over the USA, Spain, England, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile.

naemi has in its permanent collection nearly 1000 art works. Art experts in the field have carefully curated this collection during the past 23 years. naemi has published 5 books about the art of the mentally ill. The books spotlight most often for the first time some of the world’s most talented artists suffering from mental illness. naemi has done pioneering work in recognizing the artistic talent among many individuals suffering from mental illness and provides a forum for bringing these talents to public awareness.
· Artistic development of artists experiencing mental illnesses
· Advocacy for the arts and people with disabilities and the establishment of venues for exhibition
· Enhancement of self-image and self-esteem
· Vocational training and career development to become self-supporting through the arts for artists
       with disabilities through commercial galleries
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